Beaty Bale Transporter 3.0

The BBT is an ATV multi tool trailer - which can be used to transport round and square bales and also act as a hydraulic tipping trailer. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK from tough and durable materials making it one of the strongest and robust ATV trailers on the market. The BBT rides on flotation tyres to reduce ground compaction and disruption during the wetter months of the year - keeping your gateways and local roads cleaner than ever. The BBT is sold with removable trailer sides and a swinging tailgate which can easily be lifted and slotted into place giving you a versatile hydraulic tipping trailer. Fitted with a electronically controlled double acting hydraulic power pack and a 12V leisure battery operated with a simple 'up / down' remote. All this makes moving bales and tipping trailers much easier than before.

Fabric Machinery in Factory

BBT Basic Unit

The BBT comes standard with all electro-hydraulics with a four button controller, floatation tyres, a multi-fit spike spanner, a jockey wheel and short solid trailer sides (as shown - left).

The trailer is supplied with either a single spike for round bales or twin spikes for square bales - all three spikes are available at an additional £50 + VAT.

The BBT is also available fully galvanised - contact to find out more.

Mesh Extention Sides

The BBT can be supplied with addtional mesh extension sides - designed to retro fit onto all trailers (including earlier models). Sides can be fitted with minimal hassle within minutes.

The mesh sides increase the trailers capacity by more than 180%, making the BBT much more versatile when being used as a tipping trailer.


500l Water Bowser

The BBT can be supplied with a 500l or 700l water bowser with a 1" BSP tap and a 3m pipe. The bowser easily lifts into the BBT within seconds and can then be fastened securely when in place.

The gravity fed bowser is useful when filling troughs, water trees/plants, dampening arenas and much more.

For engine driven pumps and additional piping - please contact us.

PC1000 Paddock Cleaner

The latest available addition to the BBT is the PC1000 paddock cleaner. With an option of a fixed mount or a rotating mount you can reduce your poo picking time by up to 60%.

With the easy to hold cleaner handle it makes poo picking much quicker and easier than before. Unloading the picker is easy, you simply open the tailgate and tip the trailer using the controller.


Log Splitter

The retro fit log splitter simply attachs onto the tailgate of the BBT and the hydraulic hoses attach to the hydraulic power pack.

With the log splitter mounted outside the trailer, it allows you to put your split logs into the trailer ready for transporting.

Fallen Stock Transporter

The fallen stock transporter is a multi-use hydraulic lifting tailgate. This attachment has many uses including removing fallen stock from fields, collecting culled deer from remote locations and lifting equipment or other goods into the trailer.

This attachment is controlled from the four way controller (fitted standard) and has a lifting capacity of 150kg.


Snacker Feeder

The JBBT Snacker feeder will soon be available to buy. It retro-fits all trailers and can be easily attached using three simple bolts.

It has a 300kg hopper making it the perfect size for feeding outdoor livestock all year round.

Have you got any requests?

At JBBT we are small enough to work first hand with our customers, but big enough to cope with new projects and other peoples ideas - if you've got an attachment you think we need, then contact us today - we'd love to hear your thoughts.


Technical Information:

Dimensions - L. 3000mm  W. 2070mm H. 1200mm 

Wheel size - 22 x 11.00-8

Hydraulic Power Unit - Flowfit 12V DC Double Acting Power Pack

Warranty - 12 Month