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The BBT is an ATV multi tool trailer - which can be used to transport round and square bales and also act as a hydraulic tipping trailer. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK from tough and durable materials making it one of the strongest and robust ATV trailers on the market. The BBT rides on flotation tyres to reduce ground compaction and disruption during the wetter months of the year - keeping your gateways and local roads cleaner than ever. The BBT is sold with removable trailer sides and a swinging tailgate which can easily be lifted and slotted into place giving you a versatile hydraulic tipping trailer. Fitted with a electronically controlled double acting hydraulic power pack and a 12V leisure battery operated with a simple 'up / down' remote. All this makes moving bales and tipping trailers much easier than before.

The BBT is built as a standard with three bale spike bushes giving users the option of a single spike (recommended for round bale users) or a twin spike (recommended for square bale users). 

  • The BBT is designed to minimise workload and reduce the need of a tractor or tele-handler.

  • Its lightweight and low ground pressure design is perfect for protecting paddocks and fields - particularly in the wetter months.

  • Two short spikes are used for moving large square bales or one long spike for large round bales.

  • Easy fit hard trailer sides are supplied with all trailers and quickly convert the bale transporter into a versatile hydraulic tipping trailer. 

  • A 12V double acting hydraulic power pack makes lifting bales and tipping trailer loads, easy for everyone.

  • Floatation tyres are used to reduce ground compaction and disruption. With the weight distributed between the axels and the ATV, towing becomes much easier and lighter over the ground.

  • The standard 50mm ball hitch trailer coupling allows the trailer to be attached to any tow ball fitted vehicle, from ATVs to cars, lawnmowers and tractors.


BBT 3.0 - £2,500

The basic unit includes

Bale transporter - with single or twin spikes

Easy attach hard sides

All electro-hydraulics

Floatation Tires

Tow bar skid

Mesh extension sides - £450

Water bowser with 1" BSP tap - £350

Jockey wheel - £50

Road kit - £40

Additional spikes - £50

All prices subject to VAT 

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee if your BBT arrives and isn't exactly what you thought it was.

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