Frequently Asked Questions


Does it lift the ATV/UTV when being operated?

No, because it is designed in a way that the pivot point is directly above the axle - meaning the trailer can lift larger bales without stressing the towing vehicle. (On overweight bales it has been known to lift smaller towing vehicles ie. Honda 250)

How long does the battery last?

The trailer will lift 70+ bales on one charge - if it is being used as a trailer it will tip 150+ times.

What if I want the bale on its end?

This is simple - you have two choices. Either lift the bale on its end from the start using two shorter spikes, or using the single spike you can tip the bale over.

How much does the trailer weigh?

Unladen with the trailer sides on it weighs 296kg.

How much is delivery?

Please get in touch to find your local supplier.

What is the lead time on orders?

We can usually arrange delivery within 2-3 working days - all year round.

Whats the warranty?

Everything sold has a 12 month warranty as well as a 100% money back guarantee.

What weight can the trailer lift?

The trailer is limited to 600kgs - but behind larger towing vehicles can lift more.

What towing vehicle is recommended?

Most ATV's/UTV's can be used to tow the BBT. We recommend a towing machine with a 400cc+ engine. Please also take into consideration bale size & weight and terrain & topography.

Can the trailer be bought on finance?

Yes - we offer several finance packages using a separate company (Rural Finance) - please get in touch to find out more.

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